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Just another bard's story
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Sunday, April 27th, 2008
3:16 pm

Current Mood: tired

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Thursday, September 6th, 2007
6:52 pm
Akatsuki Safari

Woo! This is going to be me in January!

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Tuesday, December 12th, 2006
7:32 pm
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Tuesday, December 5th, 2006
2:37 am
There used to be this kid a few blocks away from our house. He wasn't a bright kid, in fact I'm sure he's since dropped out of high school and has never gotten a job and depends on his mother for cash... but I'm jumping ahead.

My brother and I never liked this kid. In fact we always made fun of him while he wasn't around. But his mother drove carpool, and he was forced upon us constantly. His mother would insist on play dates or hire me to baby sit him... even though he was only two years younger than me. Seemed no matter what we did, somehow he'd worm his way into our lives. The last month we lived in Texas, his mother rang our phone off the hook every day so she could find out where we were moving to, so she could send her son to visit us every summer. I lost count of all the messages we deleted without listening or caring... as long as her number was associated with them.

This kid was predictable as a mall goth's favorite color. I remember he ALWAYS liked the strongest character in games, movies, and comics. Whoever had the biggest muscles and could do the most damage was obviously the superiour character in his eyes. My brother and I made fun of that more than anything else. He's the type of guy who really believes that smashing is the best solution to any problem. He'd have been a horror to play any RPG with.

Four years have passed since I've heard from him or his family... and today I saw something that reminded me of him all over again.

See, I play a lot of World of Warcraft, and I joined a really cool guild (in game group or club) to help me along in endgame. Three leaders have left though, because they want to play horde (the bad guys, I play the good guys aka the alliance) I looked their reasoning over and saw that they abandoned us and doomed the guild to end because the Horde was going to be stronger when the expansion came out.

I couldn't believe it

These people built a great community. The strongest players, with great experience and intelligence. A great variety of powers, skills, and trades. Mature people with great personalities and senses of humor. Some people are so cool, if I don't log on to play for a few days I start to miss them in real life!

They left it. Two officers and the LEADER of the guild just picked up and left because... for a small amount of time... the horde will be stronger.

What happened to just having fun? I have horde characters on other servers, but I don't abandon my main character to level them up so I'll have the strongest character in the game. I play because I enjoy what I do, and I like the people I've met.

It's really not just a game anymore. Not when you get this close to other people. I know I've never met these people in real life. But I've talked with them over ventrillo, I've joked with them, talked with them, and hung out online with them for hours upon hours. Having the guild fall apart over something dumb like "I wantz to be the Strongest roxz0rz faction!" makes me a little sick.

I wish I could find a more organized way to put my emotions down on paper... but sometimes it seems I am too pasionate.

Current Mood: melancholy

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Thursday, October 19th, 2006
10:18 pm
One Year
Today is Matthew and mine's one year anniversary. We're both really excited but to our extreme dismay, we both had to go to classes today. But Matt's getting out in an hour and we're going to drive over to Plymouth to have dinner together. We exchanged gifts earlier. I got him some iron role playing dice with a leather pouch, and he got me a set of wine glasses and a decanter. The glasses are cool because instead of having stems they have a little nub on the bottom, so they roll around. It's neat. I was going to buy him a Japanese tea set (he loves green tea) and a frog demon statue (protects the wealth of the family) but as I was about to pick up the coolest teapot ever, he walked in the store! Aparantly he'd shown up with the same intentions... finding a gift. So I'm out.

1'^^ ^^@|) 1337

Current Mood: energetic

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Friday, October 6th, 2006
4:23 pm

Which Fullmetal Alchemist Character are you?

Roy Mustang
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Thursday, October 5th, 2006
10:35 am
Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract. Intelligent and clever. Changing personality. Attractive. Sexy. Temperamental. Quiet, shy and humble. Honest and loyal. Determined to reach goals. Loves freedom. Rebellious when restricted. Loves aggressiveness. Too sensitive and easily hurt. Gets angry really easily but does not show it. Dislikes unnecessary things. Loves making friends but rarely shows it. Daring and stubborn. Ambitious. Realizes dreams and hopes. Sharp. Loves entertainment and leisure. Romantic on the inside not outside. Superstitious and ludicrous. Spendthrift. Tries to learn to show emotions.

This was an experiment to see if I knew how to use the strike command. This is my horoscope.

Current Mood: awake

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Wednesday, October 4th, 2006
5:35 pm
Term Abroad
I'm currently working on getting my Senior Co-Op changed to a Term Abroad. So This means that instead of working a real job somewhere in the world and getting school credit (and possibly money) I'll go to Switzerland for two months this summer and attend classes as well as go on 'feild trips' to Italy and various chocolate shops etc. The cool thing about going on the Term Abroad is that I'd get to go with a small group, and there's a whole meal plan/housing thing worked out rather than me trying to survive all by myself. Getting an International Co-Op can be super hard, and I would only be able to pick locations limited to England, Wales, and Ireland. While Switzerland is the only option for the summer, at least I know I'll be able to go on all those niftey trips. And You don't have to leave on the last day of class. If I can, I'm going to stay there an extra week or two and go to at least Norway.

King Richard's Faire This Weekend!

Current Mood: flirty

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Sunday, October 1st, 2006
3:44 am
I'm not sure if my boyfriend really loves me anymore.

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Monday, September 25th, 2006
11:51 am
Losing my reason
I watched this video today in my Culture in Food class about Indian food. I've never had Indian food, so it was pretty cool. I found out that curry was invented by englishmen who'd visited India and loved the spiced food, but didn't have the experience to recreate it, so they mixed 6/7 spices to make a generic indian spice to use in their cooking. They went on to show food and spices being used and prepared and now I really want to try Indian food. I'm going to try Kabob and Curry on Thayer St. with Matt someday soon. Which also reminds me... we're trying to plan a Minado run with a bunch of people, like Sean, Jameson, and a couple people from school, it'll rock! Hurrah!

Since I'm on the subject of food, I went to this place called The Nordic Lodge with Matt some time ago, it's this super expensive all you can eat place with all kinds of seafood and meat and stuff. There's super awesome decorations on the wall too, including a viking flag with rune writting on it that I really wanted to steal. I thought of Jameson the whole time I was there, cause you know... he's part viking.

I tried getting this DVD I really want over the weekend. It's the fifth installment. So I went to Best Buy and looked around, they had the fourth one one the shelf, but that was IT. So I asked someone and she looked up on the computer, They will not, even if I ask to special order it, order the fifth installment. But they WILL order the sixth when it's released. WTF? She told me to order it off BestBuy.com, but I don't feel too good about having packages delivered to this building, I'm pretty sure it'll be stolen.

I have a bunch of work to do, but I'd rather just mellow out, watch TV, and knit.

C'est le malaise du moment
L'épidémie qui s'étend
La fête est finie on descend
Les pensées qui glacent la raison
Paupières baissées, visage gris
Surgissent les fantômes de notre lit
On ouvre le loquet de la grille
Du taudis qu'on appelle maison

Protect me from what I want

Protect me

Protège-moi, protège-moi

Sommes nous les jouets du destin
Souviens toi des moments divins
Planants, éclatés au matin
Et maintenant nous sommes tout seuls
Perdus les rêves de s'aimer
Les temps où on avait rien fait
Il nous reste toute une vie pour pleurer
Et maintenant nous sommes tout seuls

Protect me from what I want
Protect me

Current Mood: rushed

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Friday, September 22nd, 2006
11:07 am
Hey everyone,

I know it’s been a while, but adjusting to life in the apartment has been…well… rough. School has also started up, and in culinary, they like to hit the juniors and seniors HARD. Anyway. On the 7th of September, three of my button quail’s eggs hatched. Unfortunately, by the 11th all three had died overnight because their mother hadn’t provided warmth by sitting with them. I was really upset because I worked really hard to make sure the quail would grow up well, and I was always keeping an eye on them. I was even able to tell them apart, even though they were just quarter sized little puffs of yellow fuzz. I’d named them. So the morning I woke up for class, and found two dead, and one dying, I was very upset. Matt was with the dying one all morning, trying to help it, but it died too after a few hours.

Anyway, that aside, school’s been ok. I don’t like the fact that, thus far, P4 does not focus on pastry. P4 is a mix of all the ‘4’ students including C and N. Because of that, I’ll be in say… food science… and have to experiment with some type of food. Sure, no problem… just like baking formula technology, right? Nope. Instead of making two kinds of brownies, one with apple sauce and one with butter, I’m asked to make things like fried shrimp, burgers, French fries… and things like that. I can cook, but cooking at home vs. cooking in a school kitchen... it’s too different. And sometimes I really just want to point out that I joined P4 to learn pastry, and while I do enjoy learning about the culinary students, it’s not what I signed up for.

Hm… so living with Metal and Matt has been fun so far. In fact, Matt just finished beverage service/mixology… or whatever that class is called. So all of a sudden we’ve got an underage alcohol expert in the house. He’s been interested in scotch too, so Metal and I went to the liquor store near Wickeden the other day while I was job hunting. Matt asked me to buy a nip of ‘The Macallan’ – a 12 year old single malt scotch. First of all, let me point out that the NIP cost $6, and my 375mL bottle of English Mead cost $8 (more on the mead later). So we brought it home and pulled up the website that had gotten Matt interested in The Macallan in the first place.

“The Macallan
I never really found Glenfiddich to be that interesting, and Glenlivet only mildly so, but my opinion of Speysides turned around when I sampled the Macallan. The Macallan is a fantastically smooth malt which is aged exclusively in sherry casks (many scotches are aged primarily in white oak for the bulk of their maturing, then transferred to the more expensive sherry casks to finish), the only whisky to be so pampered. The expensive wood pays off; Macallan is more richly flavored and complex than any of the other Speysides, and most of the Highland malts for that matter, while retaining its characteristic smoothness. The Macallan comes in two varieties, a 12 year and an 18 year. Without a doubt I fully recommend the 18 year; the 12 is notably better than your run-of-the-mill malt, but the 18 is a vast improvement, fully meriting the expense. Strength: 86 proof. Appearance: rich reddish amber. Nose: sweet, thick, overtones of fruit and caramel with a comfortable hint of leather. Start: Rich, syrupy smooth with lasting sweetness, curiously palate-saturating. Finish: More of the same, with a bit of smoke and more weight.”

So we opened it and smelled it, which really did end up being like the description. The ‘curiously palate-saturating’ was something I pointed out before we read it. You take a sip, then it tingles on your tongue, then the tingling quickly spreads all the way down your tongue and the roof of your mouth! IT’S CRAZY! Metal and I were coughing every time we took a sip… Matt seemed able to handle it though.

So then there was the English Mead that I found… Fermented honey/oldest form of alcohol. I got curious and picked it up. It smells like honey and the taste is really unique. I made sure not to drink all of it so that next time I see Jameson he can try it.

We also ended up trying Soba Ale, Red Rice Beer, Dreamy Cloud Sake, and Everglo. (not all at the same time, guys). Everglo is a mix of Caffeine, Ginseng, Tequila and Vodka. IT’S THE BEST THING WE’VE EVER BOUGHT! Not to mention that the bottle comes with a little cardboard card with mixing ideas… the top drink being a Glo-Job.

We’ve all decided we want to go back to the liquor store in about a month to get/try: BlaVod (black vodka), Thor’s Hammer Vodka, Different kinds of Sake, Single Malt Scotch (that’s all Matt), and Green Tea Liquor. Huzzah for alcohol adventures… where the hell is Jameson? He should be here for this.

I’m out for now, I’ve got to go to the part time job fair. See ya

Current Mood: determined

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Tuesday, August 15th, 2006
9:37 am
Gadget and Starflower
It's been a while since my last update, so I really don't know where to start. Matt and I are moved into our new apartment. Moving was... a bitch... there's really no other way to put it. Plus we got all of our furniture at Ikea so we spent two days building my bed and one day building his desk and bed. It took a few more days for me to make my room look more like… my room. I have a full sized loft bed, so I put my desk and computer things under the bed, so it’s like a little office. I rebuilt ‘my wall’ (A collection of small pictures, ticket stubs, cards etc that I find appealing, or that trigger memory) put up posters, art, and wall scrolls. It looks pretty good. I know I’m not done yet, but that’s typical of me. I always add small things to ‘my wall’ and there’s still plenty of room for new posters.

Our bathroom nearly turned into Atlantis when we found a HUGE leak coming through the light fixture in the ceiling. We called our landlord but it took him three days to get back in touch with us… just long enough to tell us we have a new landlord. By this time, a two by three foot square of the ceiling has come loose and Matt and I are close to mindless rage. So I call the new guy and let him know about the leak and he grabs a contractor and speeds over right away (I like this guy already). While he’s around looking at all the water damage, Matt and I give him a verbal list of all the things that were supposed to be done/fixed in the last three months of us owning the apartment. (New fridge, locks on the boys bedroom doors, Metal’s room being painted, and a partridge in a pear tree) So the new landlord has the locks taken care of right away, as well as stops the leak. A few days later, the ceiling is all fixed and he’s still looking for a fridge.

Meanwhile I’m still looking for a new job, there’s some opportunity over at the cheesecake factory so I’m going to give it a shot. I hope to go on a mass application filling out day today, as soon as Matt gets up, that it.

Oh, yeah, and we have two white button quail! I bought them the day before we moved in. Matt loves them as much as I do. They look like white baby chicks. They’re nesting too. Last time they laid an egg, they crushed it somehow, but right now they have 3, so I’m taking special care of them in hopes that at least one will hatch so I can give a pet quail to Jameson.

Anyway, I’m out for now. Planning a Disney trip for this summer! Woo!

Current Mood: sick

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Tuesday, July 25th, 2006
12:45 pm
To mark the end
I know I haven't updating in some time. I had every intention to upon my arrival from Dalton, but what with work/moving... well, it never happened. Lucky for all my readers, Weekly Maintenance for World of Warcraft happened to line up with my down time from work. ^_^

So Dalton was pretty cool. Sean was able to go, and so was my boyfriend. Matt wasn't really prepared for the whole camping thing though, he got a pretty bad sunburn on the first day, and had some trouble dealing with the outdoors in general. He almost lasted the whole week, leaving Thursday evening... *sigh* He's told everyone that he plans to come back next year. I believe him. He seemed to have a lot of fun RPing and playing Munchkin with us. In fact last time I went to his house I saw that he'd bought his own copy of Original Munchkin... so I know he had some fun.

The weather was really mild all week, so Sean and I never went swimming, which is a little disappointing because the river was really high and I was looking forward to our little tradition, but it was just never hot enough.

I made two effegies this year, both of Matthew's choice (Anne and Kevin) and as usual Jen took some great pictures that I'll post later. I think the Kevin effegy came out the best. He was actually pretty cute.

Anyway, after Matt left on Thursday I took a nap, woke up early evening, cooked, ate, and went to the fire. With no boyfriend (and hence no gaming group) I stayed at the fire later than I normally do. And since I'd taken a nap I didn't feel the need to leave in favor of my tent. Later in the night, when the only people left around the fire were Sean, Dad, Jeremy, Jen, Phillip, and I, a white car came by. As usual the driver honked and yelled, and we flashed our lights at them as a night time replacement for a wave. The car stopped this time though, right on the street across from our fire. They were high or drunk or both, and they were yelling that they wanted to party with us and asking how to get on the land. Cutting a long story short, they ended up getting pissed at our lack of response, and then angrier when our response turned from silence to "GO HOME!".

They drove onto the land swerving and speeding around the tents and trailers, sometimes barely missing them. They drove up to us at the fire, stopping right before hitting our chairs. Of course by now we were all standing facing them. Everyone was woken up, by the fourth time they drove through the land. Gerry L. got in his truck and drove up the street to make sure the U.I.B.G.S (as matthew called them, standing for UnInvited Birthday GuestS) weren't hiding or parking somewhere and comming to harrass us on foot. The police were called, and arrived some time later, after our cars were formed into a wall around all the tents. Later we saw a tow truck pass the land in the same direction the police/U.I.B.G.S went. A while later we saw the tow truck comming back. The truck slowed, flashed it's lights, and made sure we saw the white car it was towing.

It was kinda nerve wracking at the time. I'd caught myself at one point clutching my metal flashlight like it was a club (which it could be). Sean admitted he was nervous too. So now we've decided to make a white car effegy together for next year... out of a pine wood derby car.


So this is my last week of work. As of this Sunday I officially live in Rhode Island. I'm very excited. Although I'll be back in Hudson the following weekend to make my dad's birthday cake... that'll be cool too.

Current Mood: excited

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Sunday, June 4th, 2006
9:23 pm
New Home
I have to make this quick because my brother wants to use both of the computers in the loft for some project... I'd tell him no but he kind of needs to if he wants to graduate. At any rate I'm annoyed because my father has yet to allow me to plug in my own computer. I doubt he'd have gotten along well after 3 weeks without his computer...

So anyway, Wednesday I'm getting out of work at noon and driving down to Halifax, picking up Matt, and then going to Providence to get the keys to my appartment. Then Matt and I are going to shop for beds/futons/bureaus and all that fun stuff. So I'm just going to stay in Halifax till Thursday night and then venture back to Hudson so I can get back to work.

The school still hasn't sent me my two paychecks it owes me, plus the refund check... I'm starting to get worried. I was hoping to have that money to buy a graduation gift for my brother.

Dalton isn't going to be the same this year... I fear I may hurt someone's feelings.

Current Mood: peaceful

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Wednesday, May 31st, 2006
8:30 pm
Hold on to the floor
Something hit me today. Not something inspirational… not something frightening… it was not comforting, sad, depressing, enlightening, or pleasant.

I don’t know why it hit me the way it did, but it left a feeling I can only describe as… greasy… sickening… sobering…
Something that made me long to have Walker nearby so I could just hide my face against his chest and stay there. I wanted to have someone nearby, someone not family, someone else… who cared. Suddenly I worried about everyone’s perception of me, I found myself going through my last visit to Jameson in my head… cursing myself for being so lazy and not doing more.

I’m very lonely right now.

Current Mood: lonely

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Tuesday, May 16th, 2006
10:52 am
So anyway, I finished my sugar showpiece (The Fish) and it came out pretty good. I’m going to try and bring it home, but I’m going to take lots of pictures before that. Our chef was driving us insane because if you asked him how to do something he’s say “I’ll tell you in a minute.” Then you keep working, as he instructed, and he’d come back asking ‘WHY DID YOU DO THAT? YOU SHOULD HAVE ASKED ME HOW TO DO THAT BEFORE YOU DID IT THE HARD WAY!” To which I’d reply, “But chef, I did ask you, twice, and you just said that you’d tell me later.” “Yeah, but you should have asked me again while you were pouring the mold of your fish.” “Chef, how am I supposed to know when to ask you again when you don’t tell me?” “You should have guessed.” Then class started running late and I had an appointment with our landlord so I went up to chef and told him that I was going to have to leave for the appointment. “Why are you telling me this now?” “Because I saw class is going to run late, and I need to go.” “You should have told me at the beginning of class.” “I’m not leaving early though, I’m leaving on time, I didn’t see the need to tell you until class started running late.” So he let me leave. Turns out that the class got out around 8:10 instead of 7:00, so I’d have been in big trouble if I stayed. Right before I left I went up to my partner and explained that I had to go, so if she’d make sure my project was safely stored after everyone took the group pictures. Chef walked up to me and said “What? Are you complaining about me now?” At which point I started getting an angry edge to my voice and told him that I was asking Sam to make sure my fish was taken care of.


Anyway there's only two more class days left, and then a day of cleaning. You know, I wonder why we have to miss out on a class day to clean up the kitchen at the end of the year. Shouldn't there be a cleaning service that does that? I mean, we're paying tuition to learn to cook, not how to strip down a kitchen so no dirt, grime, or food remains. Then again, JWU students = cheap labor.

I'm really excited to be going back home. Hopefully Jameson and I can bake something awesome in his super cool kitchen. I'm totally serious about it too, I'm already making a mental list of all the stuff I want to bring with me. Then there's the thought of just hanging out with him and catching up, not to mention the trip to Canada.

On the other side of the coin though, it does mean that I'll be seeing a lot less of Matt (W). Plus there's the thought of the new job hunt. I just hope to make enough money to save up for my apartment. I'm already set through July, and as soon as my boyfriend pays me back some money, I'll be set through August.

Huzzah for the apartment. It's so exciting! I can't wait to start moving in.

Current Mood: okay

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Thursday, May 11th, 2006
10:59 pm
Possibilities of Escape : Minimal
I hate CM. I really do. I was always on the fence with him, and I knew it from the second I discovered I was afraid to have Jameson meet him. He’s annoying, he’s not that intelligent, he screams and doesn’t know when to shut up, he can’t take a hint, he’s always spitting, and once you’ve known him for three months or so, he runs out of originality and becomes a horribly redundant person. He won’t even go to the mall unless someone goes with him. He wouldn’t take a bus to Walmart to buy a new mouse for his computer… he waited until I drove him there, then he walked around for a half hour before leaving WITHOUT A MOUSE! Oh, and did I mention he was caught with child pr0n on his computer? He’s been suspended from JWU for the entire 2006/2007 school year. And yet my boyfriend still considers him a friend.

My boyfriend and I talk about CM a lot. He knows I don’t like him. But tonight I really had to ask… “what do you see in him that makes him your friend?” The answer… well… it wasn’t pretty. He basically told me not to challenge his friends… not to make him choose between his friends and his girlfriend. It wasn’t my intention, but it’s what he said.

I have this problem, no matter how much I hate someone, I can’t explode on them and tell them so, no matter how much I want to. I’m afraid I’m going to be stuck with this oblivious moron at my heels for a long time. I’m afraid I’m going to come home to my new apartment to find him drinking my soda and sitting on my couch just hanging around for no reason.

I’m afraid I’m stuck.

Current Mood: pessimistic

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Thursday, May 4th, 2006
10:27 am
Yay! More Dolls
Extra Points to anyone who can tell me who all the dolls are without cheating. I had too much fun making these, even though finding the right hair style is always a huge hassle.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Edit: I added myself... wee!

Current Mood: drained

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Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006
11:36 am
Are we there yet?!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Hey Guys look! It's me!! Uh, I spent a half hour making this... I should have been putting on my uniform, or at least fixing my piped angel for my chocolate box project... GAH but that site is so addicting! Uh, I'm sick, and I really don't want to go to class 'cause I'm running out of DayQuil, but I couldn't bear the thought of not making a chocolate box after all the work I've put into it.

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Tuesday, April 25th, 2006
11:51 am
Absolutely No Faith In Others
So to cut many long stories short:

Story #1 (Apartment Search: Ruined):
I was going to sign a apartment contract last Wednesday. My roommates would have been: Boyfriend Matt, Crazy Matt, and Metal Matt. The apartment was nice, near the school, and had everything we needed. Hours before we were to sign the contract, Crazy Matt was caught with child porn on his computer. He wasn’t going to tell me until after we’d all signed the contract, so I’d be stuck with him as a roommate. My boyfriend told me when I’d gotten out of class, fortunately the apartment guy stood us up (again) and the contract hadn’t been signed. Obviously, I kicked Crazy’s ass out of our housing group, and had to start my search all over again, now for a 3 room apartment. I’m still pissed at CM (Crazy Matt) because he’s still trying to act buddy buddy with all of us, even though he screwed us out of a great apartment, and wasted hours of my time and energy… not to mention he’s a sleaze ball. I never cared much for him, but I tolerated him because he was my boyfriend’s friend… now I can’t stand to be in the same room as him.

Story #2 (Ruined School Supplies):
Pastry students get cheaply made books. Culinary students get nice hard covered texts… we get paperback, with a spiral spine, and they fall apart really easily. Regardless, they cost over $90. I treat mine like it’s made of gold and glass… I never write in it… at least never with pen, and I do everything I can to keep it in good condition. I may be using that book for the rest of my life, if not just for 4 years in college. I’m on day 6 of chocolate labs, that means we’ve only worked in the lab for 5 days. On day 2 someone knocked my books out from under the table (I still don’t know how they did it) and every… single… page… and note... and paper hit the wet…wet floor. All my notes and all my homework was ruined, my spiral and text were damaged, and all the girl told me was “Oh, well, you can just go make copies of the notes.” Fuck you! YOU ruined my things, YOU should have to be the one to go to the lab and get me copies of the notes! So I dried and salvaged what I could by using the oven as a drier. On day 5 I was really thirsty, so I went to the café right before lecture and got some coffee, I got the last of it too. I placed the coffee under the table and my books were on the microwave that sits under the table. I made sure they were safely elevated and away from the coffee… cause I don’t trust more than two people in that class. The girl across the table from me was trying to get out her knife kit. And instead of being patient and pulling it out, she trashed it around wildly, knocking over my coffee and … guess what?!?!?!... my fucking books. The entire back of my text and the lower half of my notebook where now soaked through with coffee and cream. I am still really pissed, as far as I’m concerned these people who can’t seem to stop ruining my books should start handing me money. I was telling Matt, I wish I could say “For every object of mine that you ruin, you’re buying me two.” And mean it.

Sometimes I just really hate people.

Current Mood: aggravated

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